„ZIM” LTD has operated in the field of import and trade
with children's toys since 1991. All the results achieved
during the years guarantee our positions in the market
even in the future.

Since the beginning the main method for attracting
customers is the personal contact and the strict
execution of the undertaken agreements.
The customers of the firm „ZIM” LTD know they can
always trust the fast and qualitative service and correct
attitude which makes us a respected and desired partner
for all traders in this sphere.

The result of this is the stable place which the firm has in
the market at the moment. The staff is highly-skilled. All
of the supplied goods are direct import from China and
Turkey which allows us to offer attractive prices and
reductions for the our customers. The customers are
satisfied with the actuality of the goods, which are
corresponding to all European standarts and this
assists the attraction of new partners and extension
of the bussines.

But this does not exhaust our ambitions. Our main
principle is according to the well-known and approved
toys to offer new ones. For that reason we always try to
enrich our assortment.

Our aim for the future is not only to keep, but also extend
our bussines and continue satisfying our customers' wishes
as we guarantee good quality, accuracy and rapidity.